How to translate GDevelop 4

This page is for GDevelop 4. For helping to translate GDevelop 5, go to

GDevelop can be translated into any language.

Translation is done using Crowdin:

  1. To begin, go on the GDevelop Crowdin project.
  2. Choose the language for which you want to translate GD. If your language is not listed, just send a mail to the project owner and it will be added to the list!
  3. After choosing the language, click on All GDevelop texts to be translated.
  4. Now, you can contribute to the translation! Choose a string on the left, translate it on the center and click on Commit translation.
Please do not hesitate to send a message to notify that you started a translation or when you think a translation is advanced enough to be integrated to the software!
And you'll be integrated into the GDevelop contributors list. =)

Try a translation in GD

Each time a new version of GD is released, translations are downloaded from Crowdin and integrated to the software. If you want to see your translation in the software without having to wait for the next version, follow these steps:

  • Go to the GDevelop Crowdin project and click on the big Download button.
  • Extract the ZIP file in your GDevelop folder.
  • Go in the GDevelop folder, then in locale and execute TranslationsUpdate.bat (on Windows) or (on Linux).
  • Launch GDevelop. If needed, go to the options, choose your language, restart GDevelop and take a look at the beautiful interface translated in your language. Yay!