Games automatically use the Storage features extension. This extension provides actions and conditions to manage files and to save and load data from XML Files (for native games) or Browser Local Storage (for HTML5 games).

XML Files (for native games)

XML is a widespread format used to represent data structure. XML files basically allow you to categorize the value you want to save into groups, which can themselves contain other groups with values.

XML files are written in plain text and you can edit with any text editor.

LocalStorage (for HTML5 games)

For HTML5 games, storage is done inside the browser using the web storage HTML5 feature. This means that no files are really created: there are emulated. This is done this way because HTML5 games can't access the OS filesystem for security reasons.

Actions that allow saving and loading data from XML files work in a similar fashion: first, enter the name of the file you want to edit, then choose the group to edit. Groups allow to organize values: each group can have a value and can also contain an infinite number of subgroups. Write the name of the group using a slash (/), like this : Hero/Money/Bank Hero/Money/Current CurrentLevel Level1/BestScore Level2/BestScore …

Expression editor

In the expression editor, it's possible to walk up in the file tree by typing “../”