Behaviors of objects

Behaviors are premade features that can be used to add specific behavior to any kind of object.
For example, the Physics behavior can be used to add realistic behavior to objects.

Add behaviors to an object

To see the behaviors of an object, make a right-click on the object in the objects editor and then click on Properties. Behaviors are shown in the window containing all the object properties:

The behaviors used by the object are displayed at the bottom of the list. To edit a behavior, simply edit the properties on the list. To add or remove a behavior, use the Add and Remove buttons in the list.

Using behaviors during the game

When a behavior is added to an object, the behavior is enabled when the scene is launched. You can use the events to enable or disable behaviors of a specific object. For example, it can be useful to disable useless behaviors such as the Light obstacle behavior or Platform behavior, when objects are far from the player.

Behaviors can also bring new actions, conditions, or expressions: In this case, there will be a new category in the actions or conditions list.

Most of the time, you should try to use as much as possible actions or conditions of the behavior: for example, when using the Physics behavior, you should not use the built-in force system to move the object, but rather use the actions provided by the behavior.