Editing event templates

You can insert and create event templates: these are recurring event blocks which can be easily inserted and personalized. Click on the icons shown below to insert or create event templates:

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Inserting templates

Click on Insert a template in the Event Editor ribbon. The following window will appear:

Choose a template from the list. You can personalize the template with actions and conditions by filling out the parameter fields

on the right side. Finally, click on ''**Insert**'' to add the personalized template to your events.

Create a template

Click on Create to, well, create a template:

The template will use all the events in the scene, so make sure to create a scene with only the required events. Fill the name, description, and personalization fields. You can for example enter an object name and a description of what the object does, and the template will substitute the object name with the object chosen by the user.

You can also enter a variable name: you will be able to personalize it with a different variable name when you are using the template.

NOTE: Be careful! Once the template is in use, the variable and object names will be replaced. DO NOT USE SHORT VARIABLE NAMES! Otherwise a variable named called 'a' will cause all 'a' letters of all parameters of all actions and conditions to be replaced.

Finally, click on Create and choose a file name with which to save the template. If you want to be able to use your template in the future, save the file in the directory Folder, in the GDevelop folder.

You can find other templates on our [[http://www.forum.compilgames.net/|Forum]].