The debugger (for native games)

The debugger allows you to view and modify data related to the scene, like the scene properties or an object variable. Double click on a property to edit it.

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The General tab

The ''**General**'' tab shows data about the scene (frames per second, number of objects...), as well as the value of the scene variables. Double-click on the values to modify them.

Objects tab

Objects are displayed in the tree on the left side. Choose an object by first clicking on its name and then on its number (Remember that there can be multiple objects with the same name). You can view data about the objects and their variables. Double-click on the objects to modify them.

More tabs can be available depending on which extensions in use. Use them to get information about the extension features.

Scene execution flow

With the toolbar buttons you can play the scene, pause it, or render it frame by frame. You can also insert objects and new variables.