The Profiler (for native games)

The Profiler helps you improve the performance of your game. Open it by clicking on Profiler in the ribbon of a scene in Preview Mode. To activate profiling, tick the box in the top-left corner: this will reload the scene. Now launch the game as usual. The Profiler will display graphs about the event execution speed, scene rendering and number of objects. You can change the refresh rate and add/hide curves by right-clicking on the graphics. In order to view an event execution speed, open the Event Editor and click on Profiling in the ribbon:

The first number represents the time taken by the event in milliseconds. The second is the same value as a percentage of the total execution time. The higher this percentage, the brighter red the rectangle will be: use this feature to identify bottle-necks.

Note that if an event has sub-events, their execution time is included in the total event execution time.