Game parameters

From the below screen you can set the game name and author, the window size and the FPS (Frames Per Second) values.

Common window sizes are: 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768. If the set size is too large, the game may not run on some computers. Note that you can set a maximum and a minimum FPS. If your computer is slower that the minimum FPS value, the game will slow down.

Vertical synchronisation prevents some glitchs to appear when the framerate is high: Some times a frame is being rendered on the screen while the videocard is modifying the display memory, creating a small artifact on the image displayed on the screen.

Loading screen

In the ''**Loading Screen**'' tab you can personalize the game window, and preview it by clicking on the ''**Preview**'' button.


From the ''**Executables**'' tab you can choose the default executable name used during compilation and its icon.

C++ sources

The game can be configured to use C++ source files. Check the box in this tab if you want to use C++ directly in your game. If your game does not already have source files, GDevelop will ask if it needs to create them for you.