The Text Editor

The text editor allows you to edit strings and combine them with parameters from actions and conditions, as shown below:

Writing expressions

Expressions are displayed in the upper part of the window. They can contain a simple text in quotation marks (e.g. “Game Over”) or function calls (e.g. VariableString(PlayerName)), separated by the plus sign + (e.g. “Lives: ” + Variable(Lives)).

The bottom half of the editor shows the available properties: choose a property in one of the two lists, click on Add, and fill out the necessary parameters. You can also insert the result of a numeric expression by clicking on Insert a numeric expression: edit the numeric expression in the pop-up.

Some examples and helpful functions

You can insert mathematical expression using ToString function, e.g. “4+5=” + ToString(4+5). ToString() converts a numerical value to a string.

By pressing the Insert a numeric expression button, you can enter a numeric expression. The ToString() function will be automatically added:

"Object position: " + ToString(myObject.X())+";"+ToString(myObject.Y())