In GDevelop 5, all extensions are directly bundled with the software. If you need, you can create your extensions or use JavaScript inside your games.

All features offered by GDevelop are built using the extensions system. Extensions can provide new objects, new events, actions, conditions, and behaviors. A lot of extensions are bundled with GDevelop, offering a large range of features.

To view the extensions available and select which one you want to use in your project, double click on “Extensions” in the Project Manager. The following window will popup:

You can see all the extensions available. Check the ones you want to use in your project.

You must close any scene editor already open and open them again to see the changes (notably for extensions providing new events)

Activate a new platform

You can choose the platforms for which your game can be built. Most of the time, you'll stick with the platform you chose when creating the game, but if you want to activate another platform you can make a right-click on it and choose to activate it (or deactivate).

If you activate both native and HTML5 platforms for your game, you'll be able to compile your game as a native game and also export it as HTML5. Just make sure to only use features compatible with both platforms.

Are you a developer? You can create your extensions! See how in http://4ian.github.io/GD-Documentation/GDCore%20Documentation/