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Device sensors Extension

This extension gives access to the sensors which can be found in most mobile devices.

Orientation sensor

The orientation sensor combines the gyroscope, accellerometer and compass in one sensor. This allows you to control game objects by slightly rotating the mobile device in your hands. You can access the location data via the “alpha”, “beta” and “gamma” values which are explained in the next section.

Axes explained


The “alpha” value corresponds to the axis which points to the sky when your phone is lying on a table with its display pointing upwards. You can easily create a compass using the “alpha” rotation value.

Range: 0 to 360 degrees


The “beta” axis runs through the narrow edge of the phone.

Range: -180 to 180 degrees


The “gamma” axis runs through the longer edge of the phone.

Range: -90 to 90 degrees