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Peer to Peer

This is an experimental feature, it is potentially subject to change and can contain some bugs

GDevelop supports peer to peer connection to enable basic multiplayer games. It works thorugh the concept of remote events. You can connect multiple instances (an instance is the opened game) through their id, before distantly triggering a condition on other instances.

This extension is not suitable for every kind of multiplayer and is potentially unsafe against cheating. As every instance of the game is connected, there is no machine more trusted than others that can verify if someone is cheating (unlike when there is a server for that). P2P supports a maximum of simultanous 250 connections, and is therefore also not suited for multiplayer focused games like agario or an MMO.


For connecting one or more instances, you need to enter the ID of one of them in the others. The ID can be found with the expression P2P::GetID(). For connecting, use the “Connect to other instance” action and pass as parameter the ID from the other instance. Both will then connect automatically. You can then try to send an event from one to the other to make sure the connection has happened.