Share your extension

Extensions that you can search and use in GDevelop have been created and shared by the community.

If you have created a reusable behavior that can be useful in more than one game, or a set of actions/conditions/expressions, consider sharing them with the community! Doing so is very easy.

1) Export your extension

Open your extension from the Project Manager. At the top of the list of functions, you can see a button “Edit Extension Options”. Click on it to open the configuration of the extension:

1.1) Complete the extension information

Fill all the fields, in particular, the name and the descriptions of your extension:

  • The name will be displayed in the search (and will be useful for people to search for your extension),
  • The short description will also be displayed in the search results, along with the icon,
  • The description will be displayed when installing the extension. It should contain a quick explanation about how to use the extension.
  • The version is a version number, in the format X.Y.Z. For example: 1.0.0. Start with 1.0.0 if you're confident that your extension is ready, or 0.0.1 if it's still subject to changes.
  • Tags is a list of comma-separated “tags”, that help to search the extension. Read the existing tags when you search for extensions to get some inspiration. Reuse existing tags as possible.
  • Author is your name, your email or GitHub handle (if you have one).

1.2) Ensure your extension follow the best practices

1.3) Export the extension to a .json file

Once you're done, click on “Export Extension” at the bottom, then on “Export to a File”. Choose a file and enter the same name as your extension, finishing by .json. For example: Flash.json.

2) Submit your extension to the community

You'll need a GitHub profile to continue.

To submit a new extension, open a new issue on this GitHub repository (or you can also read other ways to do it directly on the repository README).

Complete all the information in the issue checklist, then attach your .json file and submit the issue. See an example here.

Your extension will get reviewed so that any changes can be made before making it public. If it's a good quality extension, it will be shared!