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Previewing your game

After opening a project, you can launch a preview of it at any time using the “Play” button of the GDevelop toolbar:

From left to right: the Project Manager button, the Export button, the Preview button and the Debug button.

You can also access more options by right clicking this button. The “Debug” button on the right allow you to open a Network Preview.

Launch a preview of the scene

By clicking on the “Play” button, you can launch a preview of your game.

The preview will open in a separate window. Close the preview window to end it.

Launch a Network preview (Preview over WiFi/LAN)

By clicking the “Network preview (Preview over WiFi/LAN)” button, you can preview your game on mobile devices (or any other computer) connected on the same network as the editor:

After clicking the button, a window will appear showing the address the preview is being launched on:

You can now enter the given address in your smartphone browser (or your other computer browser). The preview will load:

You can close the pop-up window in the editor and continue to edit your game. If you launch a new preview, the mobile devices and any connected computer will automatically refresh the game to show the changes made!

Launch a preview with the Debugger and the Profiler

The Debugger is a tool that can be used to inspect the content of your game (values of variables, existing instances and their properties…) and even do some real-time editing. The profiler is a tool to inspect the performance of your game.

You can launch the debugger using this icon:

See this page to learn more about the Debugger and the Profiler usage.