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4ian [Layer Effects]
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 {{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​isometric-game-sepia.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​isometric-game-sepia.png?​nolink |}}
-<​note>​Multiple effects are bundled with GDevelop and in the future, you'll be able to install new ones from extensions.</​note>​ 
 ## Adding an effect to a layer ## Adding an effect to a layer
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 Applies a color-map effect to an object or layer. ​ Applies a color-map effect to an object or layer. ​
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​color-map-effect.png?nolink |}}+{{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​71485828-745d9080-2813-11ea-915d-4dcfc9f67201.png?nolink |}}
-You can change colors of pixels ​by modifing ​a reference "color image map" containing ​each coloursTo try the filter, **download this file and use it as the color map** in GDevelop when setting up the effect:+This works by modifying ​**reference "color image map"** containing ​all possible colorsIn an image editor (like Photoshop)tweak the color balances of this *reference color image map*. Save it as a new file and use this resulting file as the color image map for the effect ​in GDevelop.
-{{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​colormap-template-16.png?direct |}}+**Download this file and use it as the color map** in GDevelop: 
 +color-map-original-template.png : {{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​color-map-original-template.png?direct |}} 
 +color-map-model-1.png : {{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​color-map-model-1.png?direct |}} 
 +color-map-model-2.png : {{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​color-map-model-2.png?​direct |}} 
 +color-map-model-3.png : {{ :​gdevelop5:​interface:​scene-editor:​color-map-model-3.png?​direct |}} 
 +<​note>​Don'​t forget to make changes to the colors of this file using an image editor. Otherwise, no changes will be visible (as the original colors won't be changed).</​note>​
 ####  CRT ####  CRT