Manually export your game as a HTML5 game on your computer

From GDevelop you can publish your games as a HTML5 game. You can then publish it on your website or on a game catalog website like or Kongregate.

  • If you simply want to make your game available online and share a link with your players, see the Web (upload online) option which does everything in one click.
  • If you want more control, choose Local folder as the option.

Export the game

Next you need to browse the file system of your computer to find an empty folder and select it. Once you have the folder selected, just click the export button.

After the export is finished, GDevelop is going to prompt with a message confirming it done and you can open the folder by clicking the open folder button

If you open the folder, you should see all kind of files but the one you are aiming for is the index.html

There are ways to run your game by opening the index.html file, for example Firefox web browser normally having no problem opening web applications locally, or you can install Brackets which is a free code editor and including the option to run a localhost with a click of a button or the more complicated way is to setup a web server on your computer using XAMPP or WAMP. But what you really want to do at this point is upload your game to a host or wrap the game in to a desktop or mobile application to share it.

Upload the game to a host

To upload your game to a host you have two options. You can either set up your own web hosting with a hosting company or you can use 3rd party hosting sites to host your game for you. A web hosting requires you to have a basic understanding of web technologies, how to make a website and how to upload it to your hosting server since it is out of the scope of this page I won't go into details of that and we are going to be focusing on 3rd party hosting sites on this page.

There are many game hosting sites on the internet and each of them requires you to prepare your game for uploading differently, and some of them even have different quality standards and rules you need to follow.

Export to other platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux)

See the other export options to learn how to publish your game on other platforms!