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 These tutorials are step-by-step guides that explain how to create a game from scratch: These tutorials are step-by-step guides that explain how to create a game from scratch:
-  ​* [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​platform-game:​start|Create a platform game]]+<note tip>If you're using GDevelop for the first time, it's recommended to start with these tutorials</​note>​ 
 +  * **[[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​basic-game-making-concepts|Basic game making concepts: What you need to know to start with GDevelop]]** 
 +  * **[[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​geometry-monster|Geometry Monster: a complete, simple mobile game]]** 
 +  * **[[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​platformer:​start|Create a platform game]]** 
 +Community tutorials:​ 
   * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​tank-shooter|Create a simple Tank Shooter game]]   * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​tank-shooter|Create a simple Tank Shooter game]]
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​endless-runner|Create a simple Endless Runner game]]
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​roadrider|Endless car game]]
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​breakout|Create a simple Breakout game]]
 +Recommended reads to go further:
 +  * **[[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-make-behavior|How to create a behavior for an object]]**
 ---- ----
-The wiki can be improved by anyonedo not hesitate ​to create an account ​and contribute by improving an articlefixing mistakes or writing new tutorials!+# GDevelop short guides ("how to") 
 +The following guides provide explanations for certain parts of GDevelop. They also show you some advanced mechanics for designing your games: 
 +  * **[[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-make-behavior|How ​to create ​a behavior for an object]]** 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-move-objects|How to move objects in your game (all the different solutions)]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-animate-jump-fall-platformer|How to animate the jump and the fall of a character in a platformer game]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-display-big-background|How to display a big background in your game]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-debug-poor-performance|How to debug poor game performance]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​storage-action-explained|Storage action explained]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​reduce-size-game|How to reduce the size of your game]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​finite_state_machine|How to handle complex logic – The finite state machine (FSM)]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-make-togglable-states-with-variables| How to make togglable states]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​how-to-use-GDevelop-as-a-team|How to use GDevelop as a team (multiple developers and teammates)]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​piskel-sprite-sheets|How to use Piskel to Import a Sprite Sheet Image]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​using-github-desktop|How to backup and maintain your project using GitHub and GitHub Desktop]] 
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​change-event-editor-mode|How to Change the Event Sheet'​s Action and Condition Editor Mode]] 
 +# Other guides 
 +The guides below provide game development related explanations. They are not specific to GDevelop. 
 + * [[https://​thedeestudio.blogspot.com/​2020/​01/​gdevelop-how-to-manually-export-to.html|Build .apk of your games with cordova]] 
 + * [[gdevelop5:​publishing:​publishing-to-itch-io|Publish your game to itch.io]] 
 + * [[gdevelop5:​publishing:​publishing-to-amazon-app-store|]] 
 + * [[gdevelop5:​publishing:​publishing-to-gamejolt-store|]] 
 + * [[gdevelop5:​publishing:​publishing-to-kongregate-store|]] 
 + * [[http://​wiki.compilgames.net/​doku.php/​gdevelop5/​tutorials/​before-publishing-your-game|Before publishing your game]] 
 +# GDevelop video tutorials 
 +  * See the [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​videos|list of Community-made video tutorials]] 
 +Links to 3rd party websites where you can find spritesmusic and sound effects for your games and game examples, templates and software to help you with game development.  
 +  * [[gdevelop5:​tutorials:​resources|List of resources]]